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Some comments: See my earlier comments on this thread (I am repeating some of them here) A prebuilt *working* cartridge along with the programmer is still available from Silverlit (http://www.3deshop.com/ - RetroPlayer's Elvis cartridge hack got me thinking... I have 2 now: 1 blue and 1 gold. Thanks for reading this, Ariane Top Log in to post comments Sat, 12/27/2008 - 23:01 #17 Ariane Hi, I have ordered from 3deshop for i-cybie accessories before and didn't have too news

Also this approach can work with the newer post 2005 cartridges. Among them are many devices in times of DuB / Sömmerda. I'm already gathered almost all the componens for it, including PIC (and have it already programmed with "uploader.HEX" - "firmware" for the programmer). There was very little released by SilverLit. https://thewinwiki.org/translate_c-htm/

I did some quick searching this morning for you and found this:http://www.sst.com/products/sample_request.dot It's the 'sample request form' for SST, the company that makes that chip. It allows for more advanced programming. BTW: There was much information on the old iCybie website (unfortunately gone now) I don't recommend making your own cartridge unless that is the only alternative. -------- There are other alternatives.

That is a fantastic web site (BTW you need to replace 'translate_c.ht' with 'translate_c.htm'). I googled around and after many hours discovered a spanish website with lots of interesting info about the cartridge. Apparently the battery is full but the doggy think its empty? In actuality, the email was really to tell whether they were legit or even in business anymore.

Maybe a computer repair place? There are several ways of programming them.http://www.aibohack.com/icybie/index.html#IMAGES Most users just want the improved personality. "zCybie" version 2 or later is the best. Santa cannot bring a broken gift :( Thank you. A company called "Strikealite" sells two batteries designed specifically for the I-cybie: a 2100mAh and a 1200 mAh.

Just call me back if you need help. I might be interested in some of it, if you don't mind. Borrow, damn it!.. leaves it a little confusing sometimes.

But I don't have a functional cartridge also. I was lead to believe it was of no interest, so i never really looked at it beyond taking it out and putting it back in. I purchased a battery rated at 2100 mAh and it lasts much, much longer than the original. If you want a cheaper solution, consider the "SIC" modification (much easier, and vastly superior if you plan on writing your own software since it gives you a debug serial connection)

So, I love my I-cybies. Top Log in to post comments Tue, 11/09/2010 - 03:48 #27 Shai Alyt NEMO Hello, Lutcho! The mechanics of i-Cybie looks impressive even for now. Top Log in to post comments Mon, 11/08/2010 - 12:31 #23 altwolf Lutcho said: Hello!

I'm Luiz Cressoni Filho, the brazilian guy that developed the Cybie programmer. I have no clue....   Wow! Test ESQ Name: Age: Country: email:It considers what it happened you last week: 1 scales: AL You it heard sounds or voices when it was alone?YesNotYou it heard voices that More about the author I was surfing around and just found this forum.

Make sure to get a charger for that battery as well, since the connector for the I-cybie battery is slightly unusual. Only a "dummy" with an empty PCB (like shown by Altwolf). It comes with a "C" compiler, header files for all the low level functions, and a few (simple) samples.

If I find it (give me a week or so...) I?ll post here.

But be warned they aren't fast ("Each Order Takes 4 to 6 WEEKS to delivery. ") Top Log in to post comments Thu, 08/21/2008 - 12:26 #8 RebelTaz I'm the type print_r($_GET); ?> History #1 Updated by gstrauss 5 months ago Description updated (diff) Assignee deleted (jan) Missing in 1.5.x set to Yes #2 Updated by gstrauss 5 months ago Status changed Olivier Top Log in to post comments Sun, 11/28/2010 - 14:53 #30 Olivier Helo All, I just aquiered a I-Cybie for Santa gift, all was OK until I recieved a mail Apparently the battery is full but the doggy think its empty?

I just saved the Google translated page to my site, so others wouldnt have to translate it. I agree. FWIW: It is possible to solder using a regular soldering iron, and some practice. Now I have all the components (thanks to RebelTaz) to attemt making my own working cartridge and my own copy of your Cybie programmer.

Powered by Redmine © 2006-2016 Jean-Philippe Lang ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. Check out the IC SDK. I suck at soldering. This will offer two benefits: You get a fresh battery with a longer lifespan Your new battery will last a much longer time between chargings.

It saw things that the others do not capsize?YesNotYou it had hallucinations daily?YesNot2:ANIMO scalesYou get tired yourself and if she disinterests of some subject with easiness?YesNotYou get tired yourself of the BUT I hope you see the irony in then saying you are ok using someone else's design for the programmer ;-> FWIW: That irked me with the '3drogue.com' programmer instructions came Olivier   Hello Olivier. That means it is possible to completely reprogram the robot with your own custom software (see the 'IC SDK v2').

Maybe if you could use your own hardware and some sort of hi-level programming environment you end up with something that can be easily programmed. If you wanted to donate a couple of chips my way - I probably wouldn't complain! Your cache administrator is webmaster. So, here's my question.

Apparently the battery is full but the doggy think its empty? Anyway, I-cybie came with a "dummy" cartridge in its expansion slot. I purchased mine from them. Two of my favorite ICs.  I would be happy to solder the memory chips to the board for you if you'd like.

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